Jul / 19 Gert Post Team, Unified Strike

Unified Strike

We are now known as Unified Strike.

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Jan / 30 Gert Post Superheroes

Introducing Triumf

Our super awesome Triumf team after first meeting in Helsinki.

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Jun / 03 Gert Post Superheroes

Estonian pediatric congress

Gert Post gave a presentation in the annual Estonian pediatric association congress in Tallinn.

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May / 30 Gert Post Superheroes

Upgraded Life Festival

Gert Post and Kaarel Susi visited Upgraded Life Festival in Helsinki, Finland along with the projects Head of Research Kadri Haljas.

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Apr / 06 Gert Post Superheroes

Superheroes Kick Off!

Gert Post presented Heroes very first and fresh concept (only 2 weeks old) in Tartu Start-up Day.

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