Welcome to Unified Strike!

We turn ill children into superheroes!
Who We Are
We are a small team of artists, game designers and developers working closely with medical professionals to deliver the best solution possible.
What We Do
We create products for ill children to provoke mental well-being, learning and fun.

How We Do It?

We build virtual worlds that reflect the actions of real one and reward children with practices of gamification.

Short Story of Unified Strike

First Idea
Gert, our CEO has the idea to somehow help children who are ill using games, but buries the idea because of lack of knowledge and confidence.
2016 Spring
The Awakening
The idea of creating gamified solutions for ill children came back to Gert, now a bit wiser, the initial consept is created.
2016 Summer
Getting Ready
A small team is formed to go on with the initial concept.
2017 Spring
No Triumph
Because of creative and personal differences the team splits.
2017 Summer
A New Hope
A new team is formed. The research and development continues stronger than ever.