About us

We turn ill children into superheroes.


We are now known as Unified Strike. We are creating a mobile gamified platform to help chronically ill children. Small superheroes can form parties and go on quests to fight monsters, find treasures and save their imaginary magic world. Children get points for time spent in the hospital, different procedures, visits, social activities and more.

Introducing Deep Learning

Deep learning teaches machines to do what comes so naturally to us: learning. We are "teaching" our solution to understand different foods, their nutritional value, from nothing more than a picture

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Children get more information about their illness in a fun way.


We provide valuable data for medical research.

Open source

Unified Strike is completely open sourse and public.


We give children the opportunity to focus on something other than their disease.


Every child has its own customizable superhero to train and have fun with.


Doctors get real life data from their patients and can adjust the cure.

Psychological support

Children are monitored and give support if needed.


Children can communicate with each other inside the solution.


And last but not least - it's very fun for the children.

For brave kids.

Approximately 30% of children around the world live with chronic health conditions that affect their daily lives and normal activities. Many studies suggest that chronic health problems, along with learning and developmental disorders, are on the rise. We are addressing some of these problems with our platform.

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